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We carried out the communication activities of Lean Summit 2023

As Hubble, we successfully and happily carried out the social media communication activities of the Lean Summit event held in the last days of 2023.

Social Media communication strategy

We have developed a comprehensive social media communication strategy to deliver the event to the widest audiences on digital platforms and influence participants before, during and after the event. This strategy was implemented in various stages to promote the event, inform participants and increase interaction.

  1. Pre-Promotion

  • We aroused curiosity by announcing the event date.

  • We attracted the attention of the participants by sharing the profiles of the speakers and panelists.

  • We increased interaction by encouraging the use of hashtags.

  1. During the Event

  • We kept attendees connected to the event with live broadcasts and real-time updates.

  • We increased interaction by organizing social media contests.

  • We carried the atmosphere of the event to the digital environment by reposting the participants' shares.

  1. After

  • We made the event recyclable by sharing the highlights of the event and the feedback received.

  • We maintained ongoing commitment with thank you messages and special offers to participants.

Hashtags and Interaction

We enabled participants to interact and view their posts with the official hashtags that will be used throughout the event. In this way, we further increased the interaction on social media platforms.


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