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Social media expert

Location: Türkiye
Employment Type: Remote

General Qualifications

  • At least 3 years of experience in social media management and digital content production,

  • Following the trends in social media and content production, advanced researcher,

  • Developing creative content ideas and concepts for social media sharing, producing original, extraordinary and remarkable slogans and content,

  • Having knowledge of content and campaign management in digital projects,

  • Developing social media strategy and channel strategies in parallel with the annual marketing plan,

  • Able to use visual editing programs at a basic level,

  • Turkish grammar and spelling rules,

  • Strong in communication, able to think strategically and analytically, compatible with teamwork.

Job description

  • Producing, editing and presenting new ideas and content to increase interaction with the target audience on social media platforms,

  • Analyzing follower behaviors in social media networks, determining appropriate communication strategies with followers,

  • Supporting the creation of creative communication strategies by following social media trends and producing new projects,

  • Planning and reporting of influencer studies,

  • Researching social media trends and implementing innovations,

  • Developing social media and channel strategies in parallel with the annual marketing communication strategy,

  • Regular competitor, sector and performance analysis.

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